SAP Roll-out to Global

Global Template Development with Local Rollouts

Following a global template definition, regional/local rollouts require careful planning and preparation in various areas. An SAP roll out abroad can be challenging:

  • Ensuring compliance with local regulatory and tax legislation
  • Optimizing the roll out strategy and roll out management
  • Transferring knowledge to local resources
  • Understanding and migrating legacy data
  • Harmonizing master data and processes globally

Tackling these issues can be a challenge if you do not have a trusted partner who can speak the language and who understands the local requirements as well as the objectives of the headquarters. MTC & Versino GmbH  is headquartered in Shanghai, China and has offices in Tianjin, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Dalian as well as the United States. We have a proven track record of helping multinationals manage SAP roll outs and other IT related topics for their international subsidiaries around the world. Advantages of rollout by MTC & Versino GmbH :

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Local GAAP/Multi GAAP
  • Group Standards
  • Imports/Exports & Customs Reporting
  • Local taxes e.g. VAT
  • Other local requirements

Preparation and approach for local roll out

  • Process selection and standardization
  • Gap analysis
  • Knowledge transfer and local support
  • Preparation and project initiation

Localization and Training

  • IT and functional localization
  • Data take on
  • End user training
  • Documentation and translation
  • Go-live support

Each of our consultants has thousands of hours of experience with SAP products within their domain. By partnering with SAP in many emerging areas, we help our customers pioneer the latest technological developments. We are the right size to deliver an optimal customer experience. While ensuring a local offering overseas, we avoid the rigidity and difficulties typically experienced when working with large global systems integrators.

About MTC & Versino

MTC & Versino GmbH, located in Munich, Germany, is the first Sino-German joint venture of SAP consulting company. It is co-established by MTC and Versino AG, aiming to provide professional digital transformation consulting and SAP services to Chinese and German multinational enterprises.
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