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To formulate the one package management solution covering the entire value chain for poultry(chicken) industry.

Founded in 1865, Cargill is a diversified multinational conglomerate that manufactures and operates food, agricultural, financial and industrial products and services in 65 countries. Cargill Investment (China) Co., Ltd. has more than 7,000 employees and 52 operation offices in mainland China.

Founded in 2011, Cargill Animal Protein (Anhui) Co., Ltd. established the project covering the entire value chain for poultry industry that integrates feed production, hatching, breeding, slaughtering and processing. In order to realize the overall management throughout the entire industrial chain and meet the food safety requirements at the fastest speed while with the lowest investment, Cargill Animal Protein (Anhui) Co., Ltd. implemented the SAP Business One Poultry solution, therefore managed to realize production management and quality traceability for the entire value chain, meanwhile greatly improved the efficiency of production and traceability execution as well as food safety.

Company Name: Cargill

Location: Shanghai/Chuzhou, Anhui Province

Industry: Consumer goods (food/agriculture)

Product & service: Food processing, breeding, slaughtering and feed

Number of employees: 2000

Company website:

Solutions: SAP ERP, MTC Smart Poultry Farm


“The SAP Business One is flexible and efficient as it can generate superior returns in a relatively short term with a fairly economical initial investment.”

                                                                    – Business Application System Manager, Cargill Investment (China) Co, Ltd.



  • Entire industrial chain: highly integrated, Operating efficiency highly improved
  • Fast deployment: high ROI, goals achieved ahead of time
  • Quality traceability: safety guaranteed, customer satisfaction improved



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